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Promotion will be based on the whole year performance 10% of the unit tests held in each term 10% of quarterly 10% of Half yearly and 5% of the Annual Exam will decide the promotion of every child at the end of the academic year. No child will be promoted unless the required percentage of pass is obtained in all subjects. Result declared at the end of the year is final and will no be reconsidered at any circumastance. Parents must examine the marks obtained by their children in every test conducted by the school. They must taken necessary steps to improve their performance. Progress reports will always be kept in the custody of the school authorities it will be sent to the parents periodically and must returned to school duly signed by the parents.


Applications for Transfer certificate should be made in writing by the parents or by an authorized guardian of the pupil.

Transfer certificates will be issued only to those who have paid the school fees in full.


  • Every child must obtain hundred percent attendance during the academic year. The school management invites whole hearted co-operation of the parents in achieving this goal.
  • A Minimum of 90% attendance is a requirement for promotion to the next Higher Class.
  • No pupil should absent himself/herself without prior sanction in writing. Continuous absence for 3 days must be accompanied by medical certificate.
  • Absenting without any intimation will make the pupil liable for his/her name being struck of the rolls.


  • Pupil must be present at the school premises latest by 8.10.a.m and not earlier than 7.45 a.m. in the morning. Late comers must meet the games teacher before entering the school and also produce the letter from parents giving reason for their coming late.
  • It is strictly compulsory for every child to come to the school in neat full school uniform including foot wear on all working days.
  • Pupils must speak in English all the time and they should speak politely to teacher, visitors and other members of the staff and must always respect their teachers.
  • All the students must bring their Hand Book to school every day.
  • During recess and lunch pupils should not remain in the classrooms and they should not leave the school premises.
  • Pupils should not throw paper or the rubbish any where in the class and school except in bins provided for the purpose.
  • Pupils are responsible for their ownbooks fountain pens cycles, lunch boxes etc.
  • Pupils are prohibited from wearing any ornament and jewellery in the school.
  • No books, newpaper or periodicals other than prescribed by the school should not be brought to the school.
  • No pupil will be exempted from physicals training or organised games without a medical certificate.
  • Irregular attendance is subordination to teachers and any kind of misconduct or willfully mischevious or guilty of malpractice or has committed an act of serious indiscipline may be expelled permanently or removed from the school.
  • Any damage to the school building or properity or laboratory equipments etc. will be made good by individuals and the classes concerned and the decision of the management is final.
  • Any communication requests or complaints should be addressed to the principal only.
  • Parents are requested to attend all the scheduled parent teacher meeting on the openday.
  • Pupils are not allowed to leave the school premises during working hours unless they are granted permission by the principal.
  • Students should not bring mobile phones to school.