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In the development process of the Meston Education and Development Association a new type of School which could experiment with innovative methodology of learning was though essential to add to the benefits of pupils. With the encouragement of Barrister E.D Devadasan (President) the new school made a beginning in 1984 in the primary – section building of Wesley School after the name of Mrs. Emma Foulger. The School had the privilege of having Sr. Joseph (Retired Principal of Church Park Convent) as parton.

Historically, the school building was famous in the past as Synod Hall of Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society Many meeting of the Wesleyan Methodist Mission were held in this building in 1880’s and 1930’s where Mrs. Emma Foulger entertained Missionary guests and Christian leaders. To begin with, the Methodist Missionaries established a small school and a chapel in Royapettah in 1818 under the leadership of Rev. James Lynch, the founder of Wesleyan Methodist Mission in India. Gradually a high school rose up in 1851 and an arts college in 1854. We the arts college ceased to function, a new college of education in honour of Rev. Dr. William Meston (Scottish educationist) appeared in 1937 due to the great efforts of the Rev. TR. Foulger who was then the Headmaster of Wesley School since 1923. From that year onwards the Meston Association became an association of various Churches and Church Bodies with an Ecumenical commitment.

With the establishement of Emma Foulger Matriculation School, the contribution to education has become manifold. It is co-existing with Wesley School doing complementary educational service. Besides, it is also helping the Meston Educational Rehablitation and Research Centre in integrating educational schemes.